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Spanish Omelette

Chapter 27

Spanish Omelette(Click to enlarge)

La Tortilla Española

Although this is not a recipe blog I do like to occasionally show how to prepare the dishes which I learned to love after arriving in Spain. I was introduced to several by the Bowden family's Mallorquin cook, Catalina, and by Helen who showed me how she cooked Spanish style in her tiny kitchen.
Many times when we went on outings in the Citröen, whirring and jouncing across back country roads, we had a tortilla packed somewhere in a picnic basket, along with some nisperos (loquats), sobrasada, Inca biscuits and a bottle of wine.

The Spanish potato, egg and onion omelette is such a popular addition to a summer meal, or as a picnic item, since it holds up well being transported in warm weather. It's also common as a tapa, being served with a slice or two of crusty baguette bread and a small glass of vino.

Here's how I make it:

Spanish Omelette

Ingredients for 4 servings:
3 medium potatoes
3 large eggs
1 onion
salt 1/2 teasp & pepper to taste
olive oil
Italian parsley, chopped (optional)

I use a 7-inch non-stick pan as it's easy to fill, making a nice high and rounded tortilla which is easy to flip over.

1. Slice potatoes lengthwise once, then slice both pieces thinly into half moons. Chop onions into 1/4 rings.

2. Coat the bottom of the pan with oil and when hot add potatoes. Keep turning so they do not burn or go brown.
When golden, remove from pan and set aside in large bowl.

NOTE: Some folks prefer to gently boil or steam the potatoes for 5 - 10 minutes rather than fry them. I've seen it done both ways and I also like to do this.

3. Put chopped onion in pan, if necessary add a little more oil and sauté until soft, without being dark brown. Remove from pan and add to potatoes in bowl.

4. Beat the eggs in a small bowl, add salt & pepper and chopped parsley, and pour over potato & onion mixture in bowl. Turn gently to coat all.

5. Add 2 TBS oil to pan and when hot, pour in the egg, potato and onion mixture. Run the edge of a sharp knife or spatula around the rim of the pan while the egg is
setting to loosen the edges. I also poke it several times in the middle to let some of the runny egg seep down to the pan. Don't let it get too dark or burn.

6. When the edges are set and the middle is still half runny hold a plate over the top and flip pan and all over on to the plate and gently slide it back into the pan.
Don't overcook as the centre should still be juicy.

7. Let cook a minute or two more on that side, then slide it out onto a plate.

8. Cut into wedges as a luncheon dish, or into small squares with toothpicks to be served on a buffet or as a tapa. Or keep it whole to take on a picnic.

The edges should be fat and firmly rounded. If you've never tried making one before, start with a small non-stick pan and when you're an expert move up to a larger pan. A small 7 inch pan will make a nice luncheon omelette for two.

whole omelette
Once you've made a tortilla and have mastered the knack of flipping it over, I'm sure you will find it a welcome addition to your picnics, luncheons or tapas menus.
I hope you like it!

tortilla for oneTortilla for One

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The Bug said...

Ooh - I could eat that right now! I'm sending this to my husband - he's the cook in the family. Yum!

Jo said...

Hi Sharon; firstly I want to say it's a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Secondly, I love the tortilla recipe above. Mmm. I make a similar omeletter but found it on the Internet as a Frittata. I don't add the potatoes, and have not turned it yet (the recipe didn't say to) Is this the same thing? I LOVE your blog - your photos are brilliant. I will visit often. Hugs from Jo in South Africa.

Canarybird said...

Thanks for compliments to you both. Jo I answered back on your blog. A frittata is an Italian omelette which is cooked on one side only and often lidded to speed up cooking the top, therefore it is not flipped over.

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