Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Driving the Island

Chapter 26

Driving around Mallorca with Mr. G and Helen was a great treat on weekends when we would climb into the Citroën deux chevaux and join the other domingueros ....Sunday drivers...for excursions around the island. There were so many wonderful places to discover and so many little villages with restaurants that served delicious Mallorcan country cuisine. Other times we would pack a picnic lunch of tortilla, sobrasada, baguettes, cheese, olives and wine.

Mallorcan Sobrasada Sausage
Photo courtesy of gastrotourspain

farmhouse from road(click photos to enlarge)

I had a little German Voigtländer 35mm camera at the time and as I couldn't afford colour film (thank heavens, I say now) I limited myself then to black and white photography, which now has a nostalgic appeal. One of the villages we visited was Bunyola, situated at about 14 kms from Palma, in the Sierra Tramuntana mountains. The name of the town used to be spelled in Castellano as Buñola (as on my photos) but it is written nowadays the Mallorquin way as Bunyola.

panorama bunyolaHere are some photos I took as we walked through Bunyola in 1968.

Bunyola woman & child
bunyola 3
Bunyola 4 Sometimes we would go to a beach where we would pass by a farmyard. Here George Bowden greets a friendly burro.
G.Bowden & burro Oh where did he go?
burroHere's a view of a Mallorcan vineyard.
Image courtesy of Mallorca Wine Express:

Here I am standing in the Gardens of Alfabia on another outing:
Sharon in Alfabia I bought that poncho when I arrived and wore it everywhere. I didn't bring an overcoat as I thought it was never chilly in Spain!

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Patsy said...

What an interesting (and visually interesting) post! Thank you for it, and I agree thqt the black and white photos have an air about them -- not that I dislike color! :-)

SandyCarlson said...

What a beautiful and interesting place.

Monica said...

The black and white photo really took me back to when I lived in Spain and we visited Mallorca. I always thought my parents were 'rich' as we traveled so much and lived in places like Spain. It was later that I learned how tight money was at times and how they made their dreams come true. And it wasn't because they were rich.

Anyway, as we traveled my dad had his 35 mm camera too and he too many black and white photos and I now realize it was due to cost. The BW photos are beautiful in my humble opinion.

Thanks for the tour, sorry about my long comment ... you just take me back to a place I want to return to in the near future.

As for the comment you left, yes, it's a Chicago Peace Rose - one of my favorite rosees.

Paul said...

thank you for sharing such great photos from an interesting place.

Pat said...

I, too, love the black and white photos. Mallorca looks like a beautiful place.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving name suggestions for our wild swan! I leaning toward your suggestion of "Paloma."

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