Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off To Mallorca

Chapter 18

Girl With Guitar Girl With Guitar - Richard Emil Miller USA 1926
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I needed a life change and yearned to visit Europe for the first time, especially after hearing of Bill Lewis' experiences in Mallorca. So after learning from George Bowden that there was an opening for teaching classical guitar in the guitar centre in Palma de Mallorca, on the Spanish Balearic Islands, I decided to save up the plane fare and leave Vancouver. Bill Lewis had talked about The Pueblo Español and the Bowden guitar factory, “Los Guitarreros de Mallorca”, as well as the life style on that Mediterranean island and I was keen to experience it myself.
Spain map My daughters would stay for an extended holiday with my parents while I tried out life in a foreign land, calculating whether or not I could survive there, while my husband, by mutual agreement, would be going his separate way.

Pueblo Espanol Alhambra replica in Pueblo Español, Mallorca.

After moving furniture and packing my music library, selling my beautiful guitar and kissing my children goodbye, I left on an Air Canada flight non-stop to Lisbon and on to Palma de Mallorca. Would this be just a holiday or was I on the threshold of a whole new life?

plaza de la reina Plaza de La Reina circa 1970

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